Jailbreak My iPhone: Freedom for your iPhonePodPad

Can your iPhone do this?

FREE iPhone Tethering!!!

Turn your iPhone into a wireless Hotspot that you can connect your iPad or laptop for internet access anywhere!  Best part is, it's FREE!!! (You do use data on your iPhone, so you'd better have the unlimited plan.)

Finally, a useful Lockscreen!

Instantly see Current weather and 5 day forcast, all active Notifications (shame on Apple for not having this), Missed Calls, Voicemail, Calendar, ToDo List, Mail and SMS on your lockscreen, or anywhwere.  Even if your in an app, just swipe down from the top to see it all.  Adds amazing functionality to you iPhone!

Unlimited Apps in Folders!!!

5 Icons on your dock!

Set your iPhone free!

Can your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad do any of these things?  Well, if you haven't jailbroken your iDevice, the answer is most definitely... NO! 

Jailbreak it now to unlock all the many cools functions and features you're currently missing out on.  It's completely legal, completely safe and doesn't void your warranty (unless you don't restore it before taking it to Apple). 

So, besides those just mentioned, what's the # 1 reason people don't jailbreak? They don't know how - it's too hard.  There is a bit of a learning curve to it.  If you don't have time to figure it out on your own, visit our website at www.jailbreakmyiphone.weebly.com.  We offer a quick and easy live webcam walkthrough (via Skype).  We send you everything you need and take you through step by step.  If you're in our area (North Central Indiana) you can even bring your iPhone to us and we'll jailbreak it in person.  Give us a shout.  You'll be happy you did! 

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